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    Wednesday, June 24, 2009

    Exmortis 3 updates

    Just a couple of quick things before I get back to work on Exmortis 3...

    Exmortis 3 has been given an official release date of August 2009. For those of you who will no doubt ask for specifics on which day release will be... given the scope of the game and the live testing schedule I have to put it through before unleashing upon the world, it will most likely be an end-of-the-month release.

    Secondly, Shane from has conducted an interview with yours truly. If you zip over to this link: you just might find new Exmortis 3 information and a previously unreleased screenshot of the upcoming game.

    And finally, my new AS3 space shooter game that will be released Friday 26th June at has been given a title: "ODN: ORION DEFENCE NETWORK" - so zip along to Fizzy (and eventually Newgrounds) and have a play and a vote on the game...



    Joshua said...

    looking forward to playing that new shooter game you made, and august feels like its forever away. After having seen the screen shots you have released so far, this new game looks like its way more complex than I expected. I get the feeling there may be two separate worlds involved, but it is hard to tell. I may write a poem about the game, because I think it is inspiring what you have done so far with it. The evil in it feels like some brand new kind that no one has ever touched on before.

    peche pona said...

    I will buy the commercial version if it costs between 10 and 25 dollars, no more.
    Nevertheless, I think it will be great

    Joelle and Nikki said...

    thanks for mentioning! i would have never seen it, and i thought it was amazing!!