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    Thursday, June 18, 2009

    New! And Untitled!

    Hey hey kiddies.

    A fellow flash dev here in the 3rd sense office (the wonderful Oliver Joyce of the Swords and Sandals series) started his first step in to the big bad (and painfully glorious) world of ActionScript 3.

    And it got me thinking that this would be the perfect opportunity for me to take the same step that I had long been putting off due to the seemingly overwhelming complexity of AS3, and my lack of spare time to dedicate to relearning 6 years worth of coding knowledge.

    Thus I took the opportunity to benefit from his "cultural learnings" and forward steps he was taking by also putting myself through the same painful relearning process...

    And 3 weeks later, here I am with my first AS3 game and most Michael Bay-esque title to date! The game is as yet untitled and I expect that we will be releasing it on Fizzy and eventually Newgrounds in about a week.

    Now that I've taken that first step in to a brave new AS3 world, I can get back to finishing off Exmortis 3, which I can announce will release in August 2009... (pending disaster)



    Jonathan Cloer said...

    omg...we have to wait till August, a little part of my heart just fell off into a bucket of flames...geez, it's getting further and further away...Ahhh!!!

    Ben Leffler said...

    Originally I had been aiming at a May/June release date but it was NEVER announced as the official date - I have always kept the term "official release date" undisclosed.

    May/June was merely a target I set myself, however that became unreasonable when I had a month worth of client work dumped on my desk, as well as the opportunity to force myself to learn AS3.

    But don't worry. I have no choice but to release Exmortis 3 in August as I am going to Europe in September for a holiday and I need to be around for at least 3 weeks after release to sort out any potential bugs or patches.

    Have faith Mr Cloer. It will be worth the wait, I assure you.

    Jon said...

    This is really exciting, I've been a fan since 2006 and after playing one and two I've been eagerly waiting for exmortis 3 for almost 3 years now. I was and am happy to wait because I know it will be a high quality product and you have lots of other stuff on your plate. I'm excited to finally have a release date to look forward too. Thanks for a continued effort and a great series of games.

    Jonathan Cloer said...

    Well noted Mr. Leffler, I understand you were busy, I keep my friend updated on Exmortis 3 as much as possible, since I turned him to the wonderful game of yours, when will you be releasing some new and pretty screenshots or more info on it???

    Joshua said...

    I am glad to finally see a release date for your new Exmortis creation. All the waiting paid off. We will continue to hope for no "disasters". Also, the new AS3 game looks really good. Keep it up!

    Anonymous said...

    August! Yay for official time frames! I will most certainly be playing before I leave for boot!