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    Monday, June 29, 2009

    ODN: Orion Defence Network

    Sorry guys... our new Fizzy AS3 wrapper wasn't quite ready to launch on Friday... You can expect my new game to go live at some point today (within the next 8 hours)



    Regice said...

    Wicked sweet game Ben! You make the most awesome games on the web. Keep up the fantastic work and I, along many many many other people, cannot wait for the release of Exmortis 3! Thanks so much for all your very hard work and dedication Ben!

    Anonymous said...

    Ben Leffler is the best flash game maker ever. I was addicted to his games since the first game he made that I played!

    marwom3 said...

    ben if you're reading this i don't suppose you're referencing aliens lv-26

    LV 426 - aliens reference