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    Tuesday, June 30, 2009

    ODN: Orion Defence Network Now Live!

    Play it and let us know what you think!

    It's fairly graphic & cpu intensive, so Flash Player 10 is recommended as well as playing the game in a pop-up, not the regular overlay. If it starts to chug (and it probably will for most of you), don't forget that you can tweak the game and background graphic quality in the main menu.

    Don't forget that if you join Fizzy, you can submit scores as well...

    Enjoy my friends! I look forward to hearing your feedback. Now back to work on Exmortis for me... :)


    Monday, June 29, 2009

    ODN: Orion Defence Network

    Sorry guys... our new Fizzy AS3 wrapper wasn't quite ready to launch on Friday... You can expect my new game to go live at some point today (within the next 8 hours)


    Wednesday, June 24, 2009

    Exmortis 3 updates

    Just a couple of quick things before I get back to work on Exmortis 3...

    Exmortis 3 has been given an official release date of August 2009. For those of you who will no doubt ask for specifics on which day release will be... given the scope of the game and the live testing schedule I have to put it through before unleashing upon the world, it will most likely be an end-of-the-month release.

    Secondly, Shane from has conducted an interview with yours truly. If you zip over to this link: you just might find new Exmortis 3 information and a previously unreleased screenshot of the upcoming game.

    And finally, my new AS3 space shooter game that will be released Friday 26th June at has been given a title: "ODN: ORION DEFENCE NETWORK" - so zip along to Fizzy (and eventually Newgrounds) and have a play and a vote on the game...


    Thursday, June 18, 2009

    New! And Untitled!

    Hey hey kiddies.

    A fellow flash dev here in the 3rd sense office (the wonderful Oliver Joyce of the Swords and Sandals series) started his first step in to the big bad (and painfully glorious) world of ActionScript 3.

    And it got me thinking that this would be the perfect opportunity for me to take the same step that I had long been putting off due to the seemingly overwhelming complexity of AS3, and my lack of spare time to dedicate to relearning 6 years worth of coding knowledge.

    Thus I took the opportunity to benefit from his "cultural learnings" and forward steps he was taking by also putting myself through the same painful relearning process...

    And 3 weeks later, here I am with my first AS3 game and most Michael Bay-esque title to date! The game is as yet untitled and I expect that we will be releasing it on Fizzy and eventually Newgrounds in about a week.

    Now that I've taken that first step in to a brave new AS3 world, I can get back to finishing off Exmortis 3, which I can announce will release in August 2009... (pending disaster)