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    Monday, October 09, 2006

    Exmortis3 Call For Sponsors

    Hello again all... it's probably waaaay too early in the creative process to even be bringing this up - but what the hell...

    The first two Exmortis games took an amazing amount of my time to create and I have made it known that my original intent was to create the Exmortis game as a way of getting my web and flash design skills promoted and try and ramp up the Leffler Web Design business.

    However in analysing the amount of work I have put in to the games and comparing it to what little business I have received in return from showcasing my skills in this manner, I am left with no choice but to open Exmortis3 up to offers of sponsorship and/or product placement within the content of the game.

    There is a lot of potential to advertise and promote on a large scale within this medium - and to prove that, let me give you a brief overview of the statistics of the existing Exmortis games:

    EXMORTIS 2 (Stats as of Sept-27)
    - The game has been live and on the internet since March 26, 2006
    - A total of 1.3 million unique people have played the game since release. That is an average of over 7000 unique plays of the game per day.
    - Of the 1.3 million reported above, it is estimated that approximately 700,000 people have replayed the game.
    - A total of 306 websites around the world have hosted the game since release. Of which at least 85 still currently host and receive daily traffic through the game source file.
    - The main host of the game – ie. reports 470,427 plays of the game through their website alone (which will no doubt increase greatly as Halloween approaches).

    EXMORTIS (Stats as of Sept-27)
    - The game has been live and on the internet since August 27, 2004.
    - This game did not have any Mochibot tracking scripts integrated, so most stats are not available as they are for Exmortis2.
    - The main host of the game (as per the above link) reports 1.15 million plays of the game through their website alone.

    - It is estimated that over 5 million people have played Exmortis since released in mid 2004.

    So as you can see, the potential to hit 1.3 million people within an initial 6 month period with product placement and sponsorship has got to be worth something to someone out there!

    So, if you are the owner of a company/website that seeks to potentially sponsor flash games, feel free to email me at to discuss.

    Alternatively, if you know of a Flash Game Sponsorship program that pays well (obviously I want to maximise my return on the game as best as possible) then feel free to leave a comment to this post.