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    Wednesday, July 25, 2007

    Unseen TV Launched!

    Hey peoples! Just letting you know that we have officially launched Unseen TV - you probably wouldn't be interested in it if you are from outside of Australia - but this has been my big project I've been pulling 20 hour work days for over the last month!

    All you Aussies - help us out and visit :: rock on!

    Friday, July 06, 2007

    Alarm Hot Vest


    My previous post with regards to an August 13th release date for a new project has now been post-poned... which is good news for you Exmortis fans out there because it means I can refocus attention on that title.

    I won't elaborate on the "Alarm Hot Vest" conundrum from my previous post just yet, because the project is still going to happen around December/January...

    Without giving away any confidential information, I was contacted by a company (a brand that you are all very familiar with...) to put together a new spooky viral point-n-click game to help market a VERY VERY COOL new product release of theirs... However they have had to delay the release date, so my immediate attention to this project is not required until later in the year... suffice to say, working with this client on this project is going to be a glowing addition to my portfolio... possibly more so than the noteriety associated with the Exmortis series thus far.

    The delay on the Alarm Hot Vest project is also great for me because my current workload looks like this (this list more for me than it is for the public):
    • Continue development on the Exmortis3 title.
    • Finish up work on a website for an internationally branded Health Club.
    • Launching and developing a new Internet TV channel that I am very actively involved in. (This is going to rock hard! More on this in the coming weeks...)
    • I'm on hiatis at the moment from another big DVD/Flash based project while legal wranglings are being sorted out by the customer. But once legalities are sorted, this will smash up all my spare time... I guarantee it!!
    • A new website is needing to be developed from scratch for a baseball club here in Sydney before the summer season starts in September/October.
    • Developing a small eCommerce site for online procurement for a technology company before end of July.
    • Developing a quick and easy website for a Water Tank business here in Sydney.

    And all this needs to be done inbetween my full time sales job, me finding a new home for me and my dog, buying new furniture/general household appliances, a trip to the alps to get a week of snowboarding in, my 30th birthday extravaganza later this month, my commitment to playing baseball, AND a holiday to Great Keppel Island in November (plus whatever else pops up between now and then)

    That list looks bloody daunting on paper - it was a lot shorter in my head!! I swear - if I'm not burnt out by year's end, I haven't worked hard enough!!!