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    Thursday, March 26, 2009

    Talking About Games Interview

    Just a heads up that Addam Kearney from Talking About Games has published an interview with me. Check it out at: and whilst you're at it, have a look through the rest of their excellent gaming website...

    Friday, March 20, 2009

    "Not Visceral Enough" -- Please allow me to retort... ;)

    I had an email come through from a fan of the Exmortis series the other day, commenting about how amazing the screenshots have looked thus far - however there was a cause for concern that the 3rd game was coming across as light on the visceral "no holds barred" approach to horror that made the original game a tear away.

    Well my friends, hopefully this screenshot (lifted directly from the commercial version of Exmortis 3) will illustrate that a little bit of spit & polish doesn't mean I'm going soft on you guys where the gore factor is concerned...

    Expect a few punches below the belt, is all I can suggest...

    Thursday, March 12, 2009

    New screenshot

    To celebrate the completion of another Exmortis chapter, here is another screenshot from the game. This is of a portal that has opened which allows you to travel to various places in the game at the blink of an eye. 

    Yet another example of how the Colour Dodge (Add) blending mode in Flash can produce some rather spectacular lighting effects.