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    Thursday, March 12, 2009

    New screenshot

    To celebrate the completion of another Exmortis chapter, here is another screenshot from the game. This is of a portal that has opened which allows you to travel to various places in the game at the blink of an eye. 

    Yet another example of how the Colour Dodge (Add) blending mode in Flash can produce some rather spectacular lighting effects.



    Mysticsilk said...

    Nice screenshot, still can't wait :P

    Joshua said...

    Wow....that is really impressive! It turned out really well. What I like most about your stuff is that it is as much art as it is computer game. I mean, some of the stuff I think it is unavoidable to make look truly realistic, but that adds to the character, and you seem to have an endlessly deep bag of tricks at your disposal! Your work is fabulous, and has already and will continue to leave its mark!!!! Keep it up dude!

    peche pona said...

    great screenshotman! love it! i´m so excited! (by the way, "nuke go boom" is already my screensaver!)

    Anonymous said...

    I still can't wait!!! Very nice job ^^

    sonic said...

    dude i cant wait any more for this game , is really hard to wait for the most expecting game in newgrounds or were ever you are going to put it on , but please finish it soon.