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    Tuesday, June 13, 2006

    Exmortis Freaky Fact #3: Character Names

    Throughout the Exmortis series, the names of certain characters might seem relatively unimportant to everyone - however each name has relevance to me personally.

    Xavier Rehayem (Exmortis & Exmortis2) - The surname Rehayem is actually the name of a customer of mine from my day job as an IT sales consultant. I've never really known how to correctly pronounce the name, but I've heard different interpretations over the years. I haven't devulged to the customer that I have used his surname in this project... maybe he'll work it out if he ever plays Exmortis!

    Gwen Rehayem - Gwen was actually based on a shortly lived crush that I had on a famous Ms. Paltrow. I got over that quickly!

    Mr. Hannay (Exmortis2) - The surname is based upon a Rugby League player who is part of the North Queensland Cowboys, Josh Hannay. Interestingly enough, the name was originally used in another project of mine... After finishing work on Exmortis I began crafting a sci-fi horror project called "Anomaly" (which was eventually abandoned for a loss of any real creative interest in the story). An item you could obtain in the game was a key-card with a personal ID picture on it. That keycard picture was of a player profile of Josh Hannay.

    Vlaew (Exmortis & Exmortis2) - Throughout the series, a common font was used as the Ancient's text/language... that font is Fusaka. To create the final puzzle in the original game, I had to select the most bizzare looking characters from the Fusaka collection that weren't too clear to everybody that it was actual english text. The letters that I chose were V, L, A, E and W. Hence, the name of the character.


    Pete said...

    Hey Ben,

    Its me Pete, the guy that asked if I could use your characters name. Well I lived up to it too. I'm the most badass undead warlock everyone has seen! Wooo! Well enough of that, Great work on the second! I do hope you make the third scarier then the first. Cheers!

    Pete aka Vlaew on WoW

    Ben Leffler said...

    Good stuff, Pete... :) May Lord Vlaew rule them all!

    Ryan n Mike said...

    Hey Ben,

    Its Ryan and Mike here we are big exmortis fans. We have completed 1 and 2 looking forward to exmortis 3 whats it like we hope its scary than the others. What are the names of the characters and what are they like.

    Exmortis rules.

    Amanda Storey said...

    So what about Kfafta and Azrael? Lochear Ranch? Where did those names come from? :]

    overlord said...

    Dear Ben,

    I loved your work on exmortis 1 and 2! They had great replay values, and the storylines were amazing. Your
    exmortis series inspired me to make my own adventure series, and whenever
    my project wears me out I just think of your works. Here's to wishing you good luck on your exmortis 3 project,
    and I want you to know I'll be behind you all the way.