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    Tuesday, June 06, 2006

    Exmortis Freaky Fact #1: Vent Ambience

    The ambient background sound of the vent scene in Exmortis2 is actually a metallic panel (removed from my computer chassis) being smashed HARD over the top of my skull! Echo, reverb and EQ filters were applied afterwards to add some brain rattling flavour! No pain - no gain, I guess...


    luke kertai said...

    I can't wait! I loved your other Exmortis games! The games really scared me,but It was worth getting scared. I just can't wait till Exmortis3 comes out!

    Anonymous said...

    :O now thats dedication towards the game

    Anonymous said...


    sometimes they say; "Who wants to be beautiful, has to suffer."
    In this case not only the sound, but the whole game is good!

    Good luck.