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    Thursday, May 31, 2007

    Questions, questions, questions...

    There's been a few developments of late with Exmortis & Exmortis 2... both games have been added to the popular portal and as a result I have been flooded with hundreds of emails... So I thought that to make answering the questions in my emails (which are mostly all the same) easier, I would put a call out to y'all asking if you have any questions you'd like answered, just comment on this post and I will hopefully answer them in a follow-up post.

    OK - on to the first set of questions... these are from "George"...

    Q/ When do you think Exmortis 3 will be coming?
    A/ I think an earliest target for me will be around christmas if all things work out from here on in. But don't hold me to that... anything can happen between now and then... plus as I've experienced in the past, my professional life and it's associated workload tends to leave me with hardly any spare time of late. If things slow down with work in the coming months, I really want to get this project back on track...

    Q/ How many computers have you destroyed due to the curse of Exmortis?
    A/ I'm on to my third laptop computer since mid-2004 as a result of theft, hardware failures and malfunctions during the creative processes involving the Exmortis series. And even though the desktop that I built the early draft of Exmortis on, has experienced about a dozen rebuilds since - it's still runs adequately as my gateway PC... You can see why I think this series is cursed! Can't wait until I get this series across to television... (oops - did I let a cat out of the bag?) ;)

    Q/ When did you first think about the Exmortis series?
    A/ About May 2003. I didn't set out to tell a story - I wanted to learn how to use flash and the best way I could think of achieving that was by creating something that would allow me to expand my graphic design skills. As a result, I taught myself flash while creating the first Exmortis - and the story sort of developed as I was plodding along in the creation process - literally scene-by-scene. I had no idea where it was going storyline wise, until about 10 scenes before the final credits... so the story that eventuated is more of a stroke-of-luck thing than a predetermined storyline that I wanted to tell.

    Q/ Think you can make me shart myself by making Exmortis 3 THAT scary?
    A/ I certainly hope so! (Remind me of the exact combination of frequencies for the experimental "BROWN NOISE") I've got some scenes & sequences pictured in my mind that are so fucking gory and outlandishly violent that if I can pull of the execution and timing just right - it will have you starting at the screen rubbing your eyes wanting to repeat what you just saw. If you've seen "28 Weeks Later" - think of how you giggled uncontrollably through the helicopter/field of zombies scene. I probably won't be able to top that - but I'm hoping to achieve the same reaction from those of you playing my game!

    That's all for now... send me your questions either via email or comment to this post and I'll try and answer here in this blog...



    That one guy... said...

    woo first post!
    wait didnt you say you had worked on it for years, and you lost evrything?
    still only about christmas? oh my god YOU SOLD YOUR SOUL YOU FOOL its not as great as they say... any way great analogie with the 28 weeks later thing man good luck and i hope you finish soon with no bad curse-like thingeys going on.
    oh and really sorry bout the theaft thing and any misspellings

    tedizslayer said...

    i think i deserve a little thanx from the last post,

    i mailed you on NG and staarted 2 or 3 threads on the forums in NG concerning we showing our support as an independant flash community and alot of other stuff

    i wanted to know if you get to play the guy from ex2 in ex3, and if you get to kill valew

    kristen1027 said...

    I know you had planned to put the three ex mortis games on DVD. Are you still planning to that? A playable DVD would be so awesome.

    The Unknown said...

    Heh, bit of a bad time to write a comment since you've just re-started the exmortis3 project, but just to let you know that your previous two have been great. Ho you don't really need to hurry, since if you give it more time, it'll be even better.

    OH and about the question part, are you going to give us some more long books of the story to read?(I just love 'em:D) And just a hint, if you can't remember the story or what happened in the previous parts because your notebook was stolen (sorry 'bout that), play the previous parts. And try to make the
    third part a little scarier because
    nothing really scared me at the previous parts.

    Eagerly waiting for Exmortis 3
    The Unknown

    (Sorry for possible typos)