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    Wednesday, September 09, 2009

    Exmortis 3 Activation Checklist

    Hi all,

    There are a small handful of people having activation issues with Exmortis 3, so here is a quick checklist of things to do if you face this issue.

    • Activation of the download of Exmortis requires an Internet Connection to verify the code and your Fizzy account.
    • Yes, you need an account with Fizzy for the activation to be verified against.
    • If activation fails, it is quite possible that Exmortis 3 is being denied access to the internet connection via a software or hardware firewall on your network or pc. If that is the case, you will need to either add Exmortis 3 to your firewall's list of trusted applications, or just temporarily deactivate your firewall when you attempt to activate Exmortis 3
    Because I am not involved with the technical support side of things at Fizzy/3rd Sense, I advise against posting on this blog with issues involving activation or installation failures if you are after resolution. (Especially considering I will be travelling for the next 4 weeks with little to no internet access in that time... and I want to make sure that every single one of you get the gaming experience that I worked so tirelessly on this past year.)

    The best way to get any resolution to your technical issue is to consult with Fizzy Support which is located at



    manwith10toes said...

    Can it be played on a mac?

    Ben Leffler said...

    There should be a FULL DOWNLOAD version available for Mac's sometime in the next few weeks.

    In the mean time, the full internet version is playable online at if you are using a mac.

    Nick said...

    Anyone curious about the firewall blocking thing, i thought it was impossible that my virus protection was doing it, but it was. all you need to do is turn it off, hit the activate button and once your cleared turn it back on.

    Eric Fleet said...

    Buggy game. I get to the end to fight Valew (sp?) but theonly spells I had were teleport and heal.

    G did not bring up gun at any point in game (had to go to inventory).

    I think I am at the end of the game, but think I cannot win battle due to glitch in game :(

    gamerolled said...

    If I currently have access to the full download version in .exe format through my Fizzy account, does that mean that I will have access to the .dmg format of the full version when it comes out?

    Ben Leffler said...

    I'll have to check on that for you Gamerolled... If I had to take a guess, I think the activation key you would have received when you purchased the game will work with the Mac version when it's released.

    Jemi said...

    Finally! Trying to download it now, and it seems rather slow. But heck, can't wait to play the game.

    In as much as I am a fan, I am also a student, so I don't think I can purchase the game now. Maybe when I have the spending power I need. :)

    More power to you, Ben!

    Roy said...

    Currently i have all the three steps completed but when i enter the activation code it keeps on babbling that i do not have the administrator access which i obviously do. I setupped my firewall to ignore the game but that didnt work. I would be glad if someone has any idea how to fix this.

    Ben Leffler said...

    Roy, you will need to contact Fizzy support for that issue. I heard a similar issue mentioned in the office yesterday and I believe they are working on a fix for that.

    So contact the support team at Fizzy and they will be able to help.