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    Wednesday, April 22, 2009

    The Scavenger's Pit

    Greetings from the 3S offices... I'm just putting the finishing touches on the 3rd chapter and things are coming together nicely. So I thought that I'd unleash the latest screenshot from the Exmortis 3 development... I hope this tickles you horror junkies pink.

    Exciting days ahead, that's for sure... :)



    jonas said...

    Awesome Ben! I'm gonna buy the game from as soon as it comes out! My only question is, will it work on a Mac?

    Keep up the good work Ben!

    Rommal said...

    I just cant stop my drooling. this is going to be a work of art :D

    Rommal said...

    This is a work of art and you should be given an award :D

    Laura said...

    That was actually kind of scary, good screenshot.. can't wait to play the game ofc :) happy things are moving along.

    Ben Leffler said...

    Hi Jonas, to answer you question re: Mac compatibility - the online subscription version (both commercial and free editions) will be Mac compatible as it will play within your browser (however Flash Player 10 will be the minimum required).

    With regards to the download version of the commercial release - current intentions are to have the game Mac compatible, however I won't know 100% for sure until I finish the game and package it up.

    jonas said...

    okay, thanks!

    Joshua said...

    I am not going to lie....i could barely play the first two games by myself in my room...even with the lights on....but this last screen shot proves that I may want to buy stock in Depends! Honestly amazing! Fabulous work Ben....Spot on!

    Neo X said...

    cant wait for exmortis 3, the first one was good, but the second one was superb i loved the feeling of dispair and horror that it gave, i spended most of the time (apart from puzzle solving ofc) reading the notes, the newspaper clips, the diary everything you put in there that gave lots of depth and insight to the story, the tragic/merciful end of the family living in that house; and by the looks of it im pretty sure you are going to outdo yourself with this realese!, i cant wait to see what are you going to add in this release but be sure that there are tons of people that are looking foward to it!