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    Tuesday, October 21, 2008

    My Flash Player 10 Opinion - WOW!!!

    You either have it or you are seriously missing out.

    In my time as a Flash Designer, I am yet to come across a release of a Player that has provided the improvements that the new Flash Player 10 has given us. It is a MUST download, as it makes the games that were otherwise unplayable - playable! (Such as Aquatica)

    How is this possible in a player release? Well, Adobe have introduced GPU Hardware Acceleration in to the Active-X and stand alone player... about time, eh?

    So what are you still doing here reading this? GO GO GO! Download now!

    Then zip across to and play Aquatica the way I intended it to be played!



    Rommal said...


    My car gets 4 rods to the hogs head and thats the ways is likes it!!!

    (i kid downloading now haha)

    Jonathan Cloer said...

    I didn't notice a great improvement with the new flash player. And your new game was great, still can't wait for Exmortis 3 though lol :P

    Anonymous said...

    Wow! My computer has stopped lagging during and after games since I downloaded the new flash player. I'm glad you posted your opinion because that's the only reason I downloaded it, so thank you, and best of luck on creating a kick ass Exmortis 3 and any other games you can dream of!

    Joshua said...


    Just wanted to say...yeah I really like your new game, even though by now it is not so new anymore. I was having loads of trouble getting the jumping skill down. Anyway, to the real reason I am posting. #1---did you disappear......again? You haven't posted on here in forever once again. I like to know that people I care about (in a completely platonic way!!!!) are still alive. #2--- What's the deal with exmortis 3? We have all been quite patient with you about this, and we appreciate that you are busy as hell itself is hot, but I am getting really ancy for the next game to come out. Your genious at the genre is hard to pass up, and I personally am greedy for more. Now, I can only speak for myself, but may I say on behalf of those out there who may agree with me on this....FINISH THE DAMN THING ALREADY!!!!! Thanks for listening to the ravings of a crazed fan, and have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!


    A dude who wants to get scared shitless!

    Anonymous said...

    FANTASTIC! GREAT! THIS IS AWESOME! THNX BEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (fan)(hiperventilating) :D

    Deh Man said...

    Flash player or not this is a great game. 5/5 dude.