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    Thursday, June 21, 2007

    Rumblings from LWD Central...

    The winds have changed... there's something new brewing deep in the heart of LWD's high-security laboratories... make sure you return to this blog in the coming months. It's not Exmortis3 unfortunately... but it's something new... and spooky...


    Don't worry - you're not expected to work it out... But all will be clear come August 13...


    chibi_azn said...

    woot first post!!

    sweet teaser. I dont get what the clue is tho ,but its got me all excited. I'm marking this on my calendar.

    chibi_azn said...

    Woot first post!!!

    Sweet teaser dude. It's got me all excited, the clue's got my head acheing. anyway i'm marking this on my calendar.


    chibi_azn said...

    woot! first post

    Sweet teaser. I'm marking this on my calendar. Is it gonna be as horrific as Ex??

    Love your work. can't wait for the next realse of Ex3.

    Rommal said...

    It has to be a synonym puzzle

    A synonym for

    Alarm could be dread
    Hot could be Close
    Vest could be place

    or something haha

    tha_rami said...

    Hey there Ben. First of all, this is about the Exmortis series: I first of all want to congratulate you on the games, both are extremely atmospheric and well presented. I disliked the ending of eXmortis 2, but hey, that's personal preference. You'll make it up in eXmortis 3.

    What I really applaud you for is the extremely detailed background. The newspapers, the dairy in eXmortis 2, they are completely briliant. I find the background story so well written, I'd say it fits right in with big stories as Constantine and definitely outbeats most Doom genre-movies. The clouds and their nature seem very threathening.

    Enough of the compliments, I'll be keeping an eye on your progress for eX3, but I hope you think about how you let it all end and fit with the current story. Humanity is gone, but I'd really dislike to play a ghost... they seem so much less fragile. Also, I wonder how Xavier could support the player, knowing Vlaew was behind it all (being dead, he could've known).

    But summarized: these games indeed opened my eyes that great stuff can be made in flash, if you just put in the time you want to. I'd love to see this expand.

    Mano Brau said...

    Very good, your job is fantastic, ex-mortis 3 be good, I be waiting for to take a fright, many times. I go to play with the lights turned off, haha.I'm from Brazil,I encourage my friends to play it , hehe.

    matt said...

    yo man first post have been waiting a long timefor this the game didnt scare me one bit it was the story that I loved ok the game did scare me a little bit but not to much just the fact that the lights were off and for both games
    I had the sound up all the way it changes things a little bit lol but alarm hot vest hmm anyway why are you starting a new project if you havnt even been close to finishing another one I just wanna let you know that unless you personally think that this project
    is going to be scarier and better than ex3 work on it first but if not focus on ex3 your 11 year old fan matt

    aka halonerdsfan1 via newgrounds

    Seng said...

    Hey Ben,

    May I know what font you used for Purgatorium's title?

    Seng said...

    Hey Ben,

    May I know what font you used for Purgatorium's Title?

    † R e b e k a h † said...

    i loved your exmortis's.
    i became so addicted.
    i think i love you too.
    Ive been waiting forever for exmortis3.
    do you have any idea roughly when its coming out??