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    Monday, January 29, 2007

    I Laugh in the Face of the Curse!

    Notebook has been fixed with no data lost... motherboard, cpu & memory all replaced by the good people at HP. God bless them! :)

    First thing I do when I get home tonight... BACK EVERYTHING UP!

    Back in the game, baby!!! :)


    Anonymous said...


    Anonymous said...

    Yay ! So you can continue making teh game ^^

    RycaltoR said...

    Leffler, you should shoot me an email at

    I am an editor, and would be willing to touch up your dialogue and such. Up to you. Grats on the fix

    Connor said...

    FINALLY I can stop worrying. Ive been checking everyday to check if the files were lost. That would have been horrible. ]:

    Cannot wait for E3!

    Jade Silvanius said...

    THANK GOD ^_^

    Anonymous said...



    Ben Leffler said...


    Bwhawhaw... priceless... I'd attempt to come up with a witty response, but quite frankly I'm waaaaay too busy lazing around right now to be at all bothered ;)

    Anonymous said...

    Haha! Luck is on your side!
    Good luck!
    Hopefull it doesn't happen again!

    Hahaa! Wow.
    People have very small amount of patience like if the game isn't done soon..
    They're gonna die or something.
    Haha people amuse me..

    Take your time!
    The more time you into the game the better the game will be.
    =] Don't see how people don't understand that.

    Best wishes!


    Anonymous said...

    Ahaha oh boy..
    Don't mind my lack of grammer.
    I'm dead tired.


    Luis Felipe (Brazil) said...

    Nice! Your games are just AMAZING, I can't wait to play Exmortis 3! So keep making the game and good luck!

    Your mother said...

    *Gasp* cough cough.
    IM DYING *cough cough cough*

    (this poor sick little orphan is going to die unless you prepare the only cure: EXMORTIS 3)


    Anonymous said...


    Don't forget to back the data up often, Ben!

    Big Sam said...

    Don't listen to those people yelling at you about being lazy. I'd rather you took your time and worked hard to make a good quilty game then to hurry up and release a crappy, unfinished game just because someone told you to hurry up. Just wipe your a$$ with their commments and go back to doing what you do best: making the best games ever.

    M said...

    I have never ever ever been so excited about the release of a game. I absolutely LOVED the other two. It should be made into a movie! I hope this isnt your last game because you are a genius!


    Anonymous said...

    wipes many sweatbeads off forehead


    Phew. Almost had me worried there. Don't worry Ben, you have my trademark good fortune on your side for this one ;).


    Anonymous said...

    Hey Leffler,

    Can you give a approximate date for the game of release?

    Anonymous said...

    Sorry, I mean give a approximate date of releasing the game...

    I just can't wait for it!


    Ben Leffler said...

    I would absolutely LOVE to give you a date on when to expect this game, but I have just been granted a career defining challenge which I need to focus on while I recharge the creative battery for Exmortis - so I can only say that it will get done when it gets done - and nothing more than that. (Don't you hate when game dev's use that cliche?!?)

    I don't want to go getting everyone excited about a release date and then face a barrage of abuse when I can't make that date due to my professional life... so apologies in advance... :)

    Ben Leffler said...

    (In addition) So I will just try and keep a trickle of content/screenshots/info coming through this blog to whet the appetites of everyone whilst I work myself in to exhaustion over the coming months...