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    Tuesday, December 19, 2006

    Exmortis 3 December Update

    I've been very busy busy busy these last couple of days in churning out some major hours on Exmortis 3. Thankfully I've got the next month off from my 9-to-5 job and I intend to spend a lot of this time working on this game (well - what ever spare time I have in between nursing hangovers, christmas turkey, New Years partying, celebrating the Aussie Ashes victory and other general frivolity)

    Above I have posted the latest scene that I have knocked off just today. This screeny is set in the first chapter which see's your character navagating the spirit realm labyrinth looking for a way out of dodge...

    I'm only a third of the way through putting together this spirit realm level at the moment, but I am pushing forward pretty hard by knocking off about 2-4 scenes per day. Hopefully I will be able to get cracking at the juicy 2nd chapter in between Christmas and New Years.

    So more screenshots to come as I finalise more content :) And in case you are wondering, yes - everything in the above screenshot is animated and moves smoothly with minimal slow down at full screen! Which is surprising considering the number of layers and rasterised graphics I'm using :)


    Jasper said...

    I'm shure it will be very, very nice when finished, so take your time ;-)!

    Greetings (and all the best in the new year)

    mike said...

    hey i played exmortis one and loved it i found two and loved it i cant wait for number three to come out ive been looking forward to it sence august - september id say hurry up but then the game would suck so take your time your fans are still here good luck in the new year



    the shit said...

    why don't you just give a time instead of making use the people wait you fucking peice of cock sucking shit

    the shit said...

    i'm sorry about that last comment that was my sister sorry

    Anonymous said...

    Hey! I've played both of the exmortis games alot of times. Never gets old! I love them. They are great. Prolly the best click it flash games I've played with much better graphics. I give you props for it! You've put so much work into it and it really shows. I wish for the best on the 3rd game and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Good luck!

    Anonymous said...

    must play exmortis III now!! LOL.
    Anyway, take your time, I am sure it will turn out great.

    I am rooting for you!

    John Raide said...

    Mr. Leffler, you are absolutely brilliant at crafting pure macabre works of art. I have not see anyone this original in quite some time. All of your "point and click" flash games have been exceedingly brilliant at creating atmosphere, tension, and most of all, a genuine sense of fear at what lies behind the next corner.

    You manage to place well thought out twists in your works that seem incredibly obvious after the fact. This is a compliment, as most "twists" leave you confused after the fact. Your twists are genuine, and I have smacked myself on the forehead twice now for not seeing it properly.

    You have a rare gift for visual arts, and I hope to enjoy more of your work.

    Have a wonderful New Year, Mr. Leffler

    John Raide

    Seggi (NGer) said...

    I'm Seggi, and i first saw Exmortis on NG (New Grounds). Since then i've played it and it's sequel multiple times, so many i've lost count, and even with the lights on, the T.v. and radio blaring, playing them the fifth times respectively still made me jump. I'm a massive fan, and think that the screenshots for no. 3 look like some of the best flash i've ever seen.
    In my mind, you are a god, capable of games only bettered on modern consoles.
    If something would somehow prevent you from making the 3rd installment, i would be robbed of all hope for the future of flash games on the internet.
    When i found out you lived in Sydney, well, let's just say i've never been more proud to live in NSW.
    I think you deserve to be enshrined forever with the greats of flash.
    Keep up the astounding work and know that me and all my closest friends are waiting anxiously for you to finish Exmortis 3.


    (P.S. Do you know you've got a game average of 4.00/5.00 on NG?! That's unbelievable!!)

    Anonymous said...

    it occers to me you should somehow inform us where the house from the first game is located compared to the towns mentioned, and the farm in the second game you know for those who are interested

    david said...


    im not the biggest fan of flash games on the internet but this game oh man this game....
    my siblings brang it to my attention and it has changed my veiw on internet games and the horror genre im kmad for exmortis and have seeked out simular titles on playstation as a result you have done me a great service ben and i thank you

    keep it up and make ex3 scary as anything

    Anonymous said...

    All right,I should said that is
    a very good games.The script,the space of the action,etc.But I really whant to know when is ready
    I wish all the the best Mr. Leffer,and I whating for the 3th. part.

    REUBEN SARIN said...

    he games so awsemone!

    Adolf Hitler said...

    The Shit is a lier. He wrote that coment not his/her sister. Mr./Mrs./Ms. Shit, you are a lier. You shall burn in Hell. Ben Leffler is a very talented man. I bet he gets more action in a day then you have ever had. You're just a jealous loser. May you die slowly and painfuly.